Creating a distribution network in the Republic of Kazakhstan for the sales of medical products

We are interested in attracting exclusive distributors in different regions of the Republic of Kazakhstan to develop the supply network of nitrile gloves from the global brand AIM-X.
We offer our partners modern logistics for goods delivery to any region from our warehouse in Almaty.
All marketing strategies, advertising, and promotion are carried out by the head company in the Republic of Kazakhstan and the CIS.
We have our own high-tech production from the KINGFA partner factory, with a capacity of 50 million gloves per day.
To AIM-X Dealers
Prospective Collaboration
Capture markets and earn together with medical gloves from AIM-X.
Dealership of medical gloves from AIM-X is an opportunity for regular income in pharmaceutical supplies to all medical institutions, laboratories, food industry manufacturers, and in the FMCG and HORECA market segments.

Medical disposable gloves are the most demanded and consumed disposable item, making it the largest and most intensive market.

The quality of gloves from AIM-X will allow you to easily attract new clients and stay with them for a long time, guaranteed, due to its strongest competitive properties.

With the spread of infectious diseases, the use of medical gloves has increased worldwide today.
Emergency management


The AIM-X brand was created to become a leading global company in the field of emergency management solutions in public healthcare.

We conduct global wholesale purchases of medical protective equipment and integrate the supply chain and manufacturing capacities for the delivery of medical protective equipment to governments, NGOs, and top-tier companies worldwide.
Holding's Objectives
AIM-X, through its shareholders in the group holding, has global plans for responding to emergencies and experience in managing the prevention and control of outbreaks in the public healthcare and medical goods sector. This includes wholesale procurement of raw materials and optimizing resource integration.
Developing a global distribution network is our top priority.

Over the years of company development, we have formed a set of competitive advantages.
We are researching
Hundreds of specialists in our team are focused on one goal - the quality and reliability of the product
We control
24/7, we control the entire supply chain, from raw materials to storage and delivery of the finished product
We produce
Modern equipment, sterility of all production facilities guarantee 100% protection
Our universal 'Epidemic Protection Kit' for professional and personal use has been specially designed to provide a universal solution to the global problem. These kits allow for complete 100% protection for an individual in various biologically hostile and hazardous environments.

The ease with which such protection can be deployed makes this product so versatile, considering the urgency of the current global situation.
We value the health of every individual, so we create technologies for their 100% protection.
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Partner Questions
Frequently Asked Questions from Potential Partners, for which we have provided answers.
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