AIM-X Global

It is a Kazakhstan-based company that has become a global leader in the production of personal protective equipment. Currently, 15 product names are sold under the brand in Europe, the USA, and Asia.
International certifications ISO 13485:2016 for the trade of medical devices, ISO 9001:2015 for quality management systems, and ISO 22716:2008 for good manufacturing practices.
AIM-X manufactures medical products under its brand and COVID-19 antigen test at facilities located in Turkey and China, certified to FDA, CE, and MDEL standards.
In 2 years, AIM-X has distributed its products in 19 countries worldwide through 34 key distributors, and the company has now started active development in the Republic of Kazakhstan and CIS countries.
The AIM-X brand was created to become a leading global company in the field of emergency management solutions in public health. We conduct global wholesale purchases of medical protective equipment, as well as integrate supply chains and manufacturing facilities for the delivery of medical protective equipment to governments, NGOs, and top-tier companies worldwide.

Through stakeholders within its holding, AIM-X has global plans for responding to emergency situations and expertise in managing prevention and control of outbreaks in public health and scarce medical supplies. The company conducts wholesale purchases of raw materials and optimizes the integration of resources.

Our universal "Epidemic Protection Kit" for professional and personal use has been specially designed to provide a comprehensive solution to the global problem. These kits enable full 100% protection for an individual in various biologically hostile and hazardous conditions. The ease with which such protection can be deployed makes this product highly versatile, considering the urgency of the current global situation.
This is primarily because AIM-X controls the entire supply chain, owning raw material facilities, factories under the parent holding company, additional production facilities in joint ventures with AIM-X, internal logistics, and freight forwarding through its own fleet of vehicles. Additionally, AIM-X owns several private aircraft for the global delivery of goods.
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